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I came with a plan. I had it all figured out. Then I got into the ring and saw all of those fantastic Labradors and my plan fell apart. How do you choose from near-perfect labs? In most shows you are lucky if you get one or two really nice Labradors. And here I stood with a ring full of ones I would be honored to have in my kennels.

My ring steward - Rebecca Surratt, just smiled and said we can do it. What a special lady! Not only is she really nice, but she is the most organized person I have ever meet. Thank you, Rebecca for all of your help. I could not have done it without you.

My plan gone, I fell back on what I would want if I was looking for a hunting companion. I had a mental picture of what I considered a perfect Labrador. I looked for a Labrador that was not only balanced front to rear, but also one that was balanced body to bone and head. He had to be built like a row boat, not a barge. One that was built to retrieve. A front that would cut through the water or bush and a rear that was powerful enough to drive him through it all. His leg not too short and his body not too long. His head a master piece in engineering. The skull and muzzle should be on parallel planes. The head should not have big, heavy apple cheeks or flews that are pendulous. The head should have a neat, clean appearance. The muzzle should be strong. The nose wide and well developed. The length of muzzle sufficient to hold a large goose, eyes facing forward to see where they are going when holding a bird, chiseling under the eyes, and that wonderful, melting Labrador expression. And above all, one that moves cleanly and with power. I found that dog in Ch Time Square Ulysses.

He had a near perfect head that I could look at forever. His expression was melting. He stood four square. His body was compact - good length and depth of rib, short powerful loin, powerful rear with angulation matching the front, good feet and bone, good length of neck and upper arm, masculine head with parallel planes and good length of muzzle. He also had good shoulders and upper arm. He moved cleanly and with power. And he showed! He said here I am, look at me, I am special!! I agreed.

Judge Jan Grannemann